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Emergency Aid and Disaster Management Department

OMU Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Emergency Aid and Disaster Management was established with the letter dated 06.04.2020 and numbered 25187 received from the Higher Education Council.

Disasters and emergencies constitute situations where professional crisis management should be provided. For these situations, the time and place of which cannot be predicted, the presence of a professional team is required. However, due to the complex nature of emergency aid and disaster management, leaders who will provide crisis management and create different interdisciplinary organizations are needed. In such cases, Emergency Aid and Disaster Managers equipped with knowledge, skills and appropriate equipment intervene and work to return life to normal as soon as possible.

Emergency and disaster manager is the person who designs, organizes and plans the studies related to emergency aid and disaster management and produces scientific knowledge in this field. To train specialists who can apply emergency aid techniques to the sick and injured in the pre-hospital period, perform life-saving and prevent disability, minimize losses by providing coordination in case of any disaster, and have the ability to refer and manage the unit they will be assigned to. Students are given the title of 'Emergency Aid and Disaster Manager'. The Department of Emergency Aid and Disaster Management will start accepting students in the future.